Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Tuesday 22nd Sept

Evenin' all,

Welcome back to Martin, he has returned from his fact finding tour of
former eastern block tram and light rail systems.

At last, the long awaited Duffield project got underway. The monster
train left Wirksworth on time and trundled slowly southwards. Meanwhile
a start was made on machine digging of the drains north of Duffield

By close of play, two catchpits and 140' of new drains had been
installed through the Wet Bed. The Sturgeon was fully unloaded, the
Siding at Duffield north had been unclipped, and awaits removal. The
Main Line fishplates have been undone and re fly-plated ready for
repositioning.. Quite a big day.

The VCT had a good gang and worked north from Hazlewood in the area
of the erosion site, again they had a very productive day.

The DST sorted out a large heap of old pallets which will be used for
the fairly iminent arrival of the boiler, ready for testing. They also
carried out further work on No 3.

Tomorrow sees the departure of the drain/stone train from Shottle at
0900, Others can report straight to Duffield. The Gas people have
helped by digging up Chapel Street, so please park in our car park at
the end of Chapel St.


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