Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Tues 8th Sept

Evenin all,
A nice day saw one of the biggest trains for a while leave Wirksworth
for Shottle, due to the length an intermediate brakevan was used to
assist in braking and the signallling.

The ballast was dropped on the north end of Shottle Loop and was
ploughed out. The Per way team then switched to the Main Line where
more ballast regulating and boxing in was carried out.

The S&T team attached benches and cranks to two benches at Shottle, in
readiness for placing tomorrow around the Trap Points.

The VCT. split into two with the Flail tackling the thorn bushes
between Hazlewood and Duffield. The other members of the team worked
just north of Hazlewood, and also carrying out refurbishment of the
handrails on bridge DJW5.

The Dream Steam Team overhauled the Boiler Blow Down valve, and also
drilled out 2 out of 4 Brake blocks.

An exterior light was fitted to the north end of the Buffet Car.

A walk from Wirksworth to Shottle also took place to update the line's
Hazard Directory, also known as the case of the moving mile post.

More ordering of materials and planning for Duffieldalso took place.

The Booking Hall was open for a few visitors and the Mess room was
given a deep clean.

Tomorrow sees the Per way team at Shottle.with Breeze returning Light
Engine to Wirksworth in the afternoon.


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