Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Tues 29th Sept

Evenin' all,

Another day of achievement at different ends of the line.

Firstly, a big day for the Dream Steam Team, with the arrival of the
boiler for No 3. This has been away for a few months being rebuilt.It
was carefully lifted back into the frames and the tank was placed on
top. This was to make sure that it all matched up and fitted, holes
were also drilled for the smoke box saddle. After some small tweaking
everyone was satisfied, and the big bits were lifted off and the
foundation ring made ready for inspection. This was a great boost to
the team as the loco started to look like a proper steam engine again.

The VCT had a small huddle and had a couple of fires, one north and
one south of Hazlewood, painting of the new bridge handrails also

At Duffield, firstly the main line crossing nose at Duffield North was
lifted out along with other rail, some longer crossing timbers were
installed before the nose was reinstated, the entire area of the
crossover had a skim dig and the rest of the crossing timbers for the
Loop/Headshunt were laid out. The trackbed of the loop was dug out, and
a hundred tons of spoil was removed. Some of the ballast was stored
seperately, ready for reuse, the rest of the spoil will be used in the
car parking area.

Elsewhere, Sperry Rail were working on SRS 242 which has returned from
one job and is being prepped for another trip abroad. The S&T chap
reported that he was servicing some cranks - cant really say much, can

The EVRA shop was making ready for a busy few days, what with the
Mickleover Model Railway Exhibition as well as the Railcar convention.
The Booking Hall was open an d a few people dropped in for a visit.

Another delivery of concrete sleepers was also made - more tomorrow.

Tomorrow sees work continuing at Duffield with final levelling of the
Loop and the spraying of the rough line for sleepers, more assembly of
the new crossover.

Thursday sees the dropping of the first load of concretes at Duffield
using the Class 20 pulling the sleeper train with the Komatsu in the
hole laying sleepers, before the entire train and machine return to
Wirksworth (not another five hours I hope)..

Friday and Monday see the reloading of the sleeper train and its
return to Duffield on Monday A very busy period.


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