Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Tues 15th Sept

Evenin' all,

A day with most of the activity at the southern end of the line.

A surveying team visited Duffield, to start setting out for next weeks

The flail operated between Hazlewood and Duffield. Other members of
the VCT carried out emergency repairs to a Foot Crossing north of
Duffield and managed more clearance work in the Hazlewood area. They
also carried out more bridge handrail repair work in the area.

LJBreeze proppelled the Class 20 to Shottle, where LJB then attached
itself to the Works Train, the team collected some scrap sleepers and
delivered them to the erosion site near Hazlewood, before proceeding
south of Hazlewood to add some new sleepers to an area highlighted
during yesterday's track inspection. Several new sleepers were added.
The Class 20 returned to base with the sturgeon, drain train and the
Ballast train, and managed some shunting at Wirksworth. The Works train
arrived back at close of play.

The Catch pits for Duffield were prepared and holes cut for the pipes.

The DST continued working on the brakes of No 3.

Problems with the IT at Wirksworth resulted in more work being carried
on off site. However a nice cheque from the BBC arrived and was swiftly

A 'willing volunteer' continued clearing line 3 of weeds and
associated muck.

Tomorrow sees all work at Wirksworth.


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