Thursday, 3 September 2009

Thursday 3rd September 2009

Dear all
Another dismal day where the rain dampened the spirits yet again - what a year! Against all odds progress was made today with further work on the Shottle North Junction installation including the appropriate labelling of the five levers indicating their interlocking.
11520 has been finally completed and will be returned to the Museum Siding together with the Shell-BP tank wagon. Flail repairs were also finally completed and on a proving run to Shottle a little work was achieved along the Bournebrook Avenue straight and the hedge trimmed either side of Ken Rowland's crossing. VCT claimed further success with two fires and four trees felled. Opportunity was taken also to commence restoration of the handrails on bridge DJW 5 that is located some 200 yards north of Hazelwood.
A new generator for the use of the IMT was delivered and commissioned. The rather mutilated cable on the Permanent Way Team's drill was repaired with a plea that should its condition deteriorate again it be reported so that action can be taken to renew.
The Wirksworth - Ravenstor weekday service ran for the last time this year with a few hardy passengers. The Buffet, Model Railway and Booking Hall tended to their very need as they huddled for warmth.
Behind the scenes the planning for major works at Duffield crystallised the order of batting and the materials that need to be sourced and when. The objective is that between late September and mid November this project, the largest we have yet undertaken, will see all trackwork in place for the runround loop and a headshunt into the tunnel. The materials include some 550 concrete sleepers, 30 new rails and around 1000 tonnes of ballast but the end product will be a delight to behold!