Thursday, 24 September 2009

Thursday 24th September 2009

Dear all
The main thrust of the day has again been at Duffield where the "main" line has been slewed into its correct position between the north end of the tunnel to the A6 bridge so that the loop and the headshunt will have the proper clearances. It would appear that when the track was renewed some 40 to 50 years ago, when the second track had been removed, the line of least resistance was taken. This has now moved the north loop point into the correct position and materials were positioned for further work next week. At the end of the day the whole works train was taken back to Wirksworth.
A lone VCT member, Alan, was fortuitously joined by a new recruit enabling great work to be undertaken on the handrails of bridge DJW 5 just south of Hazelwood further enhancing our lineside furniture. There was much head scratching back at base to trace a fault on L J Breeze that caused the engine not to start. It would seem that one of the two starter motors needed to fire up the locomotive has failed and will need to be sent away for repair. A decision was taken to fast track Hydra into service early next week and revisit Faraday for use as a yard shunter.
Also back at base a rather poorly Mike Billings manufactured parts to further strengthen the flail head which has shown signs of weakening after its last attack on the lineside vegetation. The mysterious world of the Signal and Telegraph department declared success in the refurbishment of a number of components for the facing point locks required for Duffield North and South.
A pleasant surprise was the return of Sperry Rail's SRS242 after a spell in Ireland to be prepared and tested for further duty in Barcelona.