Saturday, 12 September 2009

Progress Saturday 12th September 2009

Dear all,

A quite extraordinary day at the railway today, the sun having shone for
the best part of three days, the crowds turned out for Wirksworth
Festival and a satisfying number of them went on the trains.

In the engineerium a new horn was fitted to the Met Cams and one of the
Duty Conscripts began chassis scraping and painting the DMU support
coach but had to be withdrawn after a very short period to provide
support for the car park. At one point six members of staff and the Duty
Manager were making strenuous attempts to park the stream of cars which
were arriving. By 11.30 the car park was full and standing (as they say
on East Midlands Trains) and by no means short of a giant economy pack
of Vaseline could any more cars be got in. Consequently we have taken
the largest amount of income in the car park we have ever had and a
number of items that have been left around idly filling spaces which
might have been used were cordially spat on.

Back on the sunny platforms, public and passengers were treated to a
range of Festival entertainment during the day including lady mime
artists, several solo and duet sets and a jazz band, all of whom were
universally enjoyable and added the most pleasant background to a day of
train riding and ice cream eating. Many visitors were brought in whom
had never been to us before including a couple who have come to
Wirksworth every year and have done so for the last 20 years and only
found us today. The days with a driver were both happy and I leave you
with the words of one lady visitor on her departure, who said quite
simply: "This is the best railway station I have ever been to."

All the best,
Anton, on behalf of Mike Evans, Duty Manager.