Monday, 28 September 2009

Monday 28th September 2009

Dear all
A flying start to the week with the loaded Sturgeon leaving the Car Park and L52 put in its place to leave later in the day for Ruislip. The Shell/BP tank wagon has returned to the Museum Siding and the errant starter motor removed from L J Breeze and delivered to a local firm for checking over and repair if they can cope with it. Hydra was used for the various shunting moves but is still somewhat poorly bringing into question its long term future with us.
The dmu fleet was assembled on the Incline line so as to be out of the way during tomorrow's crane work associated with the return of Ferrybridge No3's boiler.
The track patrol checked over the Ravenstor and Gorsey Bank lines before being commandeered to take the reassembled Works Train to Duffield for start of work tomorrow. Opportunity was taken to top the train up with sundry "smalls" needed for the working week ahead. The Komatsu 130 preceded the Works Train at normal speed making the journey much more acceptable and is also on site at Duffield ready for the morning.
The Seat Repair Man was in action again to deal with the seat that will eventually return to Ravenstor and the Booking Office welcomed a few visitors to the site.