Monday, 21 September 2009

Mon 21st Sept

Evenin' all,

A less fraught start to this week, but still an early start with a
fuel delivery by 0830 as well as two large deliveries of track material
which yook most of the morning to unload and restack. The works train
for tomorrow is now fully laden and ready. A pile of concrete sleepers
and other bits are cluttering up the carpark - this is just the start.

The Komatsu and Dumper have been moved to Duffield, and are now
awaiting big tasks. Everything is like a coiled spring.

We are still short of a few people to help move this massive train
tomorrow. The works train leaves at 0830, and extra brakesmen are
required at Wirksworth, return car journey to recover cars will be
arranged during the day.


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