Friday, 4 September 2009

Friday 4th September 2009

Dear all
A relatively pleasant, if somewhat cold, day with an early 2 Car departure to conduct lineside pruning between Hazelwood and Duffield. The IMT were strengthened by a third member enabling them to complete three track packing tasks. The first of these was at the south end of Platform 1 followed by attention necessary at the south end of the former Wash Green catch points. The more major task was to see whether an improvement could be made to the downside rails at the south end of the Bournebrook Avenue straight that were visibly creating a "wrong side" cant. The track is now levelled there after a great deal of effort and has temporarily restored the ride through this area pending a full tamp in 2010.
Back at base the entrance to the Model Railway area has had a tarmac ramp installed by Shone Enterprise and the Ravenstor seat has been returned to good health. The monthly First Aid box inspection was completed with all restored to their full range of medications.
The Buffet Car was prepared and stocked for the weekend and the Booking Hall welcomed a few visitors. The second Day with a Driver booking for 2010 was taken, this one for September - a real case of forward planning.
Phil and Mick had a tour of the north taking in Doncaster, to collect fishplate bolts, and Worksop to source materials for the upcoming Duffield project.