Friday, 25 September 2009

Friday 25th September 2009

Dear all
Quite a productive day with Hydra shunted out from storage and placed over the pit for its sump plates to be fitted, oil and water added and a test firing up. All most successful so far and great thanks are due to Mike Evans and Richard Buckby for pulling this essential job in.
A less productive day was had by Phil who returned the Komatsu from Duffield to Wirksworth where something in the machines software limited the travelling speed to some 1.5 miles an hour. Thus the overall journey time was around 5 1/2 hours allowing a very detailed inspection of the track as he headed north. The chips were luke warm and soggy on arrival at Wirksworth. Nonetheless he soldiered on and started load the Sturgeon with concrete sleeper from their store in the car park in preparation for next week's Duffield activities.
Courtesy of the Youth Offending Team the platforms were swept and the track weeded at Wash Green. Anton reached new heights to paint the lamps on Platform 1 although there were views as to the correct shade of maroon.