Friday, 18 September 2009

Fri 18th Sept

Evenin' all,

By Jove, 'tis still daylight!

Today we had the RAIB on site for training for some new members of
their team. Also we said goodbye to the last of the film crew.

A team of Diesel fitters attended to various locos and DMU's getting
them ready for this weekends event.Work included repairs to the speedo
of 51505, repairs to the fuel spill pipe on LJB, paintwork and bodywork
improvements to 55006. They also checked and lined up the vehicles for
the Gala event.

The IMT toiled between Shottle and Hazlewood continuing the track

The P.A. system has been repaired at Wirksworth, which now means that
the dulcet tones of the Booking Hall staff can be heard over a wide

Our 110 v generator has gone back to its birthplace for an overhaul,
it has done yeoman service, and hopefully will continue to do so. the
generator side has been feeling under the weather recently.

A very busy day at the end of a very busy week.


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