Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Wed 30th Sept

Evenin' all,

Another busy day at Duffield, with the per way team out in strength.
The switch panel and assorted rails and nose for the other half of the
crossover at Duffield North were delivered from Duffield platform to
site, and laid out in position. One asks how we could do that sort of
task without the Komatsu, even so, to turn 60' rails in Duffield
platform area is quite tricky. Crossing timbers were spaced and a start
made on fixing the track down, our main line is now secure for
traffic. Also the rest of the Loop was levelled and made ready for
tomorrow. A few simple sentances but a huge amount of work. We had many
locals call in and to watch, there was not one bad word, everyone was
very supportive.

Back at base another load of concrete sleepers as well as more woods
arrived. The heavy metal skip departed, no doubt to eventually find
its way to China or some other foreign part. Sperry Rail were again on
site servicimg their machine ready for testing next week. The Ravenstor
and District seat repair co was again in operation making repairs to
platform benches. The Booking Hall was open for visitors - I bet there
were more at Duffield though.

Tomorrow sees work at Duffield with the laying of the first wagon full
of concrete sleepers in the Loop, the train will then return to
Wirksworth for restocking. All the action will be between the A6 bridge
and the Tunnel..


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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Tues 29th Sept

Evenin' all,

Another day of achievement at different ends of the line.

Firstly, a big day for the Dream Steam Team, with the arrival of the
boiler for No 3. This has been away for a few months being rebuilt.It
was carefully lifted back into the frames and the tank was placed on
top. This was to make sure that it all matched up and fitted, holes
were also drilled for the smoke box saddle. After some small tweaking
everyone was satisfied, and the big bits were lifted off and the
foundation ring made ready for inspection. This was a great boost to
the team as the loco started to look like a proper steam engine again.

The VCT had a small huddle and had a couple of fires, one north and
one south of Hazlewood, painting of the new bridge handrails also

At Duffield, firstly the main line crossing nose at Duffield North was
lifted out along with other rail, some longer crossing timbers were
installed before the nose was reinstated, the entire area of the
crossover had a skim dig and the rest of the crossing timbers for the
Loop/Headshunt were laid out. The trackbed of the loop was dug out, and
a hundred tons of spoil was removed. Some of the ballast was stored
seperately, ready for reuse, the rest of the spoil will be used in the
car parking area.

Elsewhere, Sperry Rail were working on SRS 242 which has returned from
one job and is being prepped for another trip abroad. The S&T chap
reported that he was servicing some cranks - cant really say much, can

The EVRA shop was making ready for a busy few days, what with the
Mickleover Model Railway Exhibition as well as the Railcar convention.
The Booking Hall was open an d a few people dropped in for a visit.

Another delivery of concrete sleepers was also made - more tomorrow.

Tomorrow sees work continuing at Duffield with final levelling of the
Loop and the spraying of the rough line for sleepers, more assembly of
the new crossover.

Thursday sees the dropping of the first load of concretes at Duffield
using the Class 20 pulling the sleeper train with the Komatsu in the
hole laying sleepers, before the entire train and machine return to
Wirksworth (not another five hours I hope)..

Friday and Monday see the reloading of the sleeper train and its
return to Duffield on Monday A very busy period.


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Monday, 28 September 2009

Monday 28th September 2009

Dear all
A flying start to the week with the loaded Sturgeon leaving the Car Park and L52 put in its place to leave later in the day for Ruislip. The Shell/BP tank wagon has returned to the Museum Siding and the errant starter motor removed from L J Breeze and delivered to a local firm for checking over and repair if they can cope with it. Hydra was used for the various shunting moves but is still somewhat poorly bringing into question its long term future with us.
The dmu fleet was assembled on the Incline line so as to be out of the way during tomorrow's crane work associated with the return of Ferrybridge No3's boiler.
The track patrol checked over the Ravenstor and Gorsey Bank lines before being commandeered to take the reassembled Works Train to Duffield for start of work tomorrow. Opportunity was taken to top the train up with sundry "smalls" needed for the working week ahead. The Komatsu 130 preceded the Works Train at normal speed making the journey much more acceptable and is also on site at Duffield ready for the morning.
The Seat Repair Man was in action again to deal with the seat that will eventually return to Ravenstor and the Booking Office welcomed a few visitors to the site.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Friday 25th September 2009

Dear all
Quite a productive day with Hydra shunted out from storage and placed over the pit for its sump plates to be fitted, oil and water added and a test firing up. All most successful so far and great thanks are due to Mike Evans and Richard Buckby for pulling this essential job in.
A less productive day was had by Phil who returned the Komatsu from Duffield to Wirksworth where something in the machines software limited the travelling speed to some 1.5 miles an hour. Thus the overall journey time was around 5 1/2 hours allowing a very detailed inspection of the track as he headed north. The chips were luke warm and soggy on arrival at Wirksworth. Nonetheless he soldiered on and started load the Sturgeon with concrete sleeper from their store in the car park in preparation for next week's Duffield activities.
Courtesy of the Youth Offending Team the platforms were swept and the track weeded at Wash Green. Anton reached new heights to paint the lamps on Platform 1 although there were views as to the correct shade of maroon.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Thursday 24th September 2009

Dear all
The main thrust of the day has again been at Duffield where the "main" line has been slewed into its correct position between the north end of the tunnel to the A6 bridge so that the loop and the headshunt will have the proper clearances. It would appear that when the track was renewed some 40 to 50 years ago, when the second track had been removed, the line of least resistance was taken. This has now moved the north loop point into the correct position and materials were positioned for further work next week. At the end of the day the whole works train was taken back to Wirksworth.
A lone VCT member, Alan, was fortuitously joined by a new recruit enabling great work to be undertaken on the handrails of bridge DJW 5 just south of Hazelwood further enhancing our lineside furniture. There was much head scratching back at base to trace a fault on L J Breeze that caused the engine not to start. It would seem that one of the two starter motors needed to fire up the locomotive has failed and will need to be sent away for repair. A decision was taken to fast track Hydra into service early next week and revisit Faraday for use as a yard shunter.
Also back at base a rather poorly Mike Billings manufactured parts to further strengthen the flail head which has shown signs of weakening after its last attack on the lineside vegetation. The mysterious world of the Signal and Telegraph department declared success in the refurbishment of a number of components for the facing point locks required for Duffield North and South.
A pleasant surprise was the return of Sperry Rail's SRS242 after a spell in Ireland to be prepared and tested for further duty in Barcelona.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Wed 23rd Sept

Evenin' all,

Another busy day at Duffield, saw the completion of the new drainage
system through the wet bet and linking up to the ditch, to drain
surface water. A major achievement. A start was made on digging out the
Up Cess ready to realign the 'main line'. A few words to describe a
lot of effort.

Tomorrow sees Light engine leaving Wirksworth at 0900 returning
withthe works train in the afternoon, More work at Duffiels starting at
0800 with much digging out, de sleepering and a start on sluing.

Interesting fact - more people have recently been complaining of the
webcams and spiders, than actually turned up to do any work on one of
our biggest projects!

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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Tuesday 22nd Sept

Evenin' all,

Welcome back to Martin, he has returned from his fact finding tour of
former eastern block tram and light rail systems.

At last, the long awaited Duffield project got underway. The monster
train left Wirksworth on time and trundled slowly southwards. Meanwhile
a start was made on machine digging of the drains north of Duffield

By close of play, two catchpits and 140' of new drains had been
installed through the Wet Bed. The Sturgeon was fully unloaded, the
Siding at Duffield north had been unclipped, and awaits removal. The
Main Line fishplates have been undone and re fly-plated ready for
repositioning.. Quite a big day.

The VCT had a good gang and worked north from Hazlewood in the area
of the erosion site, again they had a very productive day.

The DST sorted out a large heap of old pallets which will be used for
the fairly iminent arrival of the boiler, ready for testing. They also
carried out further work on No 3.

Tomorrow sees the departure of the drain/stone train from Shottle at
0900, Others can report straight to Duffield. The Gas people have
helped by digging up Chapel Street, so please park in our car park at
the end of Chapel St.


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Monday, 21 September 2009

Mon 21st Sept

Evenin' all,

A less fraught start to this week, but still an early start with a
fuel delivery by 0830 as well as two large deliveries of track material
which yook most of the morning to unload and restack. The works train
for tomorrow is now fully laden and ready. A pile of concrete sleepers
and other bits are cluttering up the carpark - this is just the start.

The Komatsu and Dumper have been moved to Duffield, and are now
awaiting big tasks. Everything is like a coiled spring.

We are still short of a few people to help move this massive train
tomorrow. The works train leaves at 0830, and extra brakesmen are
required at Wirksworth, return car journey to recover cars will be
arranged during the day.


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Sunday, 20 September 2009

Progress Sunday 20th September 2009

Dear all,

A pleasant and wonderfully sunny day in which we did a leisurely
business in the running of an assortment of trains for the general
delight of the public and gricers. In the engineerium the steam team worked quietly on Ferrybridge No 3 while various trains honked and whistled past, and M55006 received further filling, scraping and patch painting. A little grass was cut amongst the honking and blessed peace descended somewhat after 5pm.

Many thanks to all concerned for the weekend's efforts.

All the best,


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Saturday, 19 September 2009

Progress Saturday 19th September 2009

Hi all,
Day 1 of 2 of our Home Fleet Gala Weekend drawing a reasonable amount of people in from round and about. The day consisted of both the Idridgehay and Ravenstor lines being in operation, along side brake van rides on the Gorsey Bank line. The lines operated using the full range of the traction we have available with changes made frequently throughout the day. It was also nice to see the Class 31 running the brake van rides drawing in the enthusiasts. Our "Day with the Driver" guest thoroughly enjoyed his day after being treated to two main line locomotives!
Thanks to all concerned as a lot of effort goes in to operating galas.
Mike Evans via Leigh

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Friday, 18 September 2009

Fri 18th Sept

Evenin' all,

By Jove, 'tis still daylight!

Today we had the RAIB on site for training for some new members of
their team. Also we said goodbye to the last of the film crew.

A team of Diesel fitters attended to various locos and DMU's getting
them ready for this weekends event.Work included repairs to the speedo
of 51505, repairs to the fuel spill pipe on LJB, paintwork and bodywork
improvements to 55006. They also checked and lined up the vehicles for
the Gala event.

The IMT toiled between Shottle and Hazlewood continuing the track

The P.A. system has been repaired at Wirksworth, which now means that
the dulcet tones of the Booking Hall staff can be heard over a wide

Our 110 v generator has gone back to its birthplace for an overhaul,
it has done yeoman service, and hopefully will continue to do so. the
generator side has been feeling under the weather recently.

A very busy day at the end of a very busy week.


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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Thurs 17th Sept

Evenin' all,

Yet another long day and late night. This time it was more profitable,
with the completion of more T.V. Work. This was the missed shots from a
couple of months ago for BBC's '5 Days'. "1945 back at base.

Elsewhere much assembling of works trains for next week, andmoving
plant to other locations. A chance was also taken to restock/tidy the
Tool Van.

A small VCT team were also in operation in the Hazlewood area.


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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Wed 16th Sept

Evenin' all,

A day that started badly and then went downhill!

A new customer arrived to recert an old vehicle. It was the sort of
vehicle that if anything could go wrong, it did. Our landrover had
failed, so the VCT one was brought up from Shottle (it was refuelled
for them| as well.> The test started at about 0900, and would normally
be completed by about 1300. Due to circumstances beyond our control,
the test was abandoned as it got dark and the vehicle finaly left at

Meanwhile the team managed to load crossin g timbers ready for
Duffield and also load a host of Check chairs and small for the
upcoming work. More ballast was delivered, and Anton applied some more
paint to the ballast hoppers.

The Met Cam was brought in to the station for another good cleaning
ready for the weekend.

Thursday's work will start at Wirksworth, and then proceed to Shottle.


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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Tues 15th Sept

Evenin' all,

A day with most of the activity at the southern end of the line.

A surveying team visited Duffield, to start setting out for next weeks

The flail operated between Hazlewood and Duffield. Other members of
the VCT carried out emergency repairs to a Foot Crossing north of
Duffield and managed more clearance work in the Hazlewood area. They
also carried out more bridge handrail repair work in the area.

LJBreeze proppelled the Class 20 to Shottle, where LJB then attached
itself to the Works Train, the team collected some scrap sleepers and
delivered them to the erosion site near Hazlewood, before proceeding
south of Hazlewood to add some new sleepers to an area highlighted
during yesterday's track inspection. Several new sleepers were added.
The Class 20 returned to base with the sturgeon, drain train and the
Ballast train, and managed some shunting at Wirksworth. The Works train
arrived back at close of play.

The Catch pits for Duffield were prepared and holes cut for the pipes.

The DST continued working on the brakes of No 3.

Problems with the IT at Wirksworth resulted in more work being carried
on off site. However a nice cheque from the BBC arrived and was swiftly

A 'willing volunteer' continued clearing line 3 of weeds and
associated muck.

Tomorrow sees all work at Wirksworth.


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Monday, 14 September 2009

EVR on BBC Radio Derby's Breakfast Show

For those of you who heard that we were on Radio Derby's Breakfast Show with Shane O'Connor last Friday, it was not a myth and to prove it just go to the "Digital Archive" section of the website and download it! Our estheemed Marketing Director talks about the MyTestTrack corporate event that took place as well as public services. Quite interesting to listen to!

Just beware though, those of you on dial-up connections still, this is an 11.3MB file so it will take a good while to download if you don't have broadband - having said that if you just click the link on the site rather than downloading it then it will 'stream' to you (i.e. download whilst playing).


Mon 14th Sept

Evenin' all,

A reasonably bright day saw preperartions for the upcoming work at
Duffield getting started.

The extra strong IMT walked the Duffield - Derby oad 4 bridge, they
found various loose bits of rail on gthe 'yet to be rebuilt' stretch
and some remedial action was taken. Various G clamps were taken off
and replacement bolts installed.

Some drainage survey work was also undertaken at Duffield, where some
new drainage work is required.

Back in the yard, locos were checked over ready for the fray!
A few visitors came for a look around.

Tomorrow sees locos leaving wirksworth and bringing back stock from

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Sunday, 13 September 2009

Sunday 13th September 2009

Dear all
Another most pleasant day as we welcomed visitors to the Wirksworth Festival. The Car Park was the key to revenue earning and after yesterday's record take and I pleased to report that we beat it by a whisker - our assets were well and truly sweated.
The services to Idridgehay and Ravenstor had respectable loads and the Booking Hall, Buffet, EVRA Shop and Narrow Gauge ensured we got our fair share from the event. My thanks go to all those that participated in a most successful day which involved a great deal of hard work. We also had the pleasure of hosting afternoon tea to a scouting group who seemed to have greatly enjoyed their experience. Both days car parking successes have relied heavily on the good offices of the Youth Offending Team who willingly took up the challenges.
Live music on site was a little thinner today but the lone piper added a certain something to the day and I felt it only right to celebrate our new Scottish connection this evening - cheers!
The Class 20 Association have declared themselves satisfied with fault rectification on D8001 with a few test runs to prove their work and there has been a working party off site at Butterley to assist with the restoration of a dmu centre car.
Reports have been received from the deep south of further tidying and weed treatment at Duffield together with further work to the office interior.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Progress Saturday 12th September 2009

Dear all,

A quite extraordinary day at the railway today, the sun having shone for
the best part of three days, the crowds turned out for Wirksworth
Festival and a satisfying number of them went on the trains.

In the engineerium a new horn was fitted to the Met Cams and one of the
Duty Conscripts began chassis scraping and painting the DMU support
coach but had to be withdrawn after a very short period to provide
support for the car park. At one point six members of staff and the Duty
Manager were making strenuous attempts to park the stream of cars which
were arriving. By 11.30 the car park was full and standing (as they say
on East Midlands Trains) and by no means short of a giant economy pack
of Vaseline could any more cars be got in. Consequently we have taken
the largest amount of income in the car park we have ever had and a
number of items that have been left around idly filling spaces which
might have been used were cordially spat on.

Back on the sunny platforms, public and passengers were treated to a
range of Festival entertainment during the day including lady mime
artists, several solo and duet sets and a jazz band, all of whom were
universally enjoyable and added the most pleasant background to a day of
train riding and ice cream eating. Many visitors were brought in whom
had never been to us before including a couple who have come to
Wirksworth every year and have done so for the last 20 years and only
found us today. The days with a driver were both happy and I leave you
with the words of one lady visitor on her departure, who said quite
simply: "This is the best railway station I have ever been to."

All the best,
Anton, on behalf of Mike Evans, Duty Manager.

Friday 11th September 2009

Dear all
The sun beat down on a day where we welcomed customers and potential customers of to Wirksworth to update them with developments. This also allowed them to network and demostrate their particular products. During the day we were able to illustrate the completion of the long welded section and the work achieved at Shottle. As a bonus the formal handover of L J Breeze by Bombardier to the Company was marked by a brief ceremony which was covered by the local and railway press.
A lot of hard work was put into the lead up and preparation for this event and even more hard work on the day to ensure our visitors had and entertaining and memorable day. So a big thank you to all who played their part.
Here's to the 2010 Corporate Day!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Thursday 10th September 2009

Dear all
A wonderful day with a warm sun beaming down. This helped with a burst of "spring" cleaning with the 2 Car Met-Cam having some serious attention to both the exterior and interior with the light diffusers specially benefiting from this work. The interior of the Maintenance Facility also was cleansed of sundry detritus and a nearly empty Road 3 enabled the disposal of items abandoned in the four foot (between the rails).
The CEO Fence Painting continued to sparkle up the white paling and narrow gauge locomotive training was undertaken.
Further south the Shottle North Ground Frame has been painted and the levers are now in their appropriate colours. Further benches were set up and the holes filled in and the ground levelled. The Sturgeon received more materials for the Duffield pointwork installations and is ready to be tripped to Wirksworth for more supplies to be loaded.
Even further south the VCT had a successful three fire day, cleansed the line to Duffield of brash produced by Tuesday's flailing and achieved further painting of the handrails on bridge DJW5.
All in all a most satisfactory day.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Wed 9th Sept

Evenin' all,

The Per way team have said adios to Shottle for the time being, they
have managed to complete the fettling of the ballast on the main line,
it will now do until the Tamper arrives next year. There will be aching
arms tonight! Bu well done to those concerned.

Some redundant fence panels were collected from Duffield and moved to
another location, thus clearing more space at Duffield for upcoming

The Komatsu was busy at Shottle, loading and reloading material for
the Duffield job. The machine was also used to move some S&T benches
around ready for connecting up.

Back at base some further shunting was carried out, and a 'willing
volunteer' and his minder carried out some track work on No 3 road. The
Booking Hall dealt with a few souls, whilst the Admin block was working
overtime .

Tomorrow sees S&T work at Shottle.


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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Tues 8th Sept

Evenin all,
A nice day saw one of the biggest trains for a while leave Wirksworth
for Shottle, due to the length an intermediate brakevan was used to
assist in braking and the signallling.

The ballast was dropped on the north end of Shottle Loop and was
ploughed out. The Per way team then switched to the Main Line where
more ballast regulating and boxing in was carried out.

The S&T team attached benches and cranks to two benches at Shottle, in
readiness for placing tomorrow around the Trap Points.

The VCT. split into two with the Flail tackling the thorn bushes
between Hazlewood and Duffield. The other members of the team worked
just north of Hazlewood, and also carrying out refurbishment of the
handrails on bridge DJW5.

The Dream Steam Team overhauled the Boiler Blow Down valve, and also
drilled out 2 out of 4 Brake blocks.

An exterior light was fitted to the north end of the Buffet Car.

A walk from Wirksworth to Shottle also took place to update the line's
Hazard Directory, also known as the case of the moving mile post.

More ordering of materials and planning for Duffieldalso took place.

The Booking Hall was open for a few visitors and the Mess room was
given a deep clean.

Tomorrow sees the Per way team at Shottle.with Breeze returning Light
Engine to Wirksworth in the afternoon.


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Monday, 7 September 2009

Monday 7th September 2009

Dear all
A very pleasant day with sunshine and warmth that contributed to a most successful deep clean of D8001 and further painting of L J Breeze. Both locomotives look a great credit to the Railway.
The IMT turned their attention to dipped joints. These occur around the fishplated joints in the rails where, over time, voids develop in the ballast. The technique used is to jack the rails above level and Kango additional stone under the sleepers. The first area to be tackled was three joints at the south end of Bournebrook Avenue and with the method established a further 4 joints were the subject of similar treatment on the "racing straight" between mileposts 140 and 139.
At the end of the day the Works Train was assembled for a prompt departure from Wirksworth tomorrow. It should be a fine sight as one of our longest and weightiest freight trains so far.

New Stock List Avaialble for Download

Hi all,
A new stock list is available for download from the usual place (Enthusiasts section of the website). Recent updates include the departure of the incline coach.

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Sunday, 6 September 2009

Progress Sunday 6th September 2009

Dear all,
Despite not having a sunny day there have been quite a few people coming through the booking hall, EVRA shop and buffet car. The conscripts of the day have been continuing to spruce up the dogfish wagons as well as the container on the dock. The Narrow Gauge railway bobbled along all day and had a few passengers.
Today's "Day with the Driver" went very well and the whole family enjoyed the occasion.
The DMU team were busy working away down the yard changing a fuel pump on one of 51188's engines so now the Met-Camm set is back to three engines again after 51505 had a water pump changed on one of its engines on Friday. Initial investigations also began on the 2nd engine on 51505 that hasn't been in use since October 2007 due to an oil leak.
At the back of the shed, the "Dream Steam Team" continued their work on the steam locomotive.
The Class 31 received some attention.
Thanks to all,
John Ball via Leigh

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Saturday, 5 September 2009

Report 5.9.2009

Dear All,
Today saw some excellent progress on a number of fronts.
The Ravenstor and Idridgehay services bobbled up and down all day for the enjoyment of the passengers. They were joined by a Gentleman for a day with a driver, who declared that he had the best day of his entire life. The Booking Hall, EVRA Shop, Buffet car, Narrow Gauge and Model Railway were also open for the enjoyment of the punters.
Meanwhile down in the yard DMU 51505 had a new water pump fitted to one if its engines (Not a task for the faint hearted!). LJ Breeze was given a polish all over, and  was then touched up, with black paint. On the opposite side of the yard the Class 31 31414 continued to be fertled in readiness for its role in the up and coming Home Fleet Gala.
Doesn't look a lot when you write it down but those herculean tasks managed to fill all day.
John Stokes on behalf of Mike Evans.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Friday 4th September 2009

Dear all
A relatively pleasant, if somewhat cold, day with an early 2 Car departure to conduct lineside pruning between Hazelwood and Duffield. The IMT were strengthened by a third member enabling them to complete three track packing tasks. The first of these was at the south end of Platform 1 followed by attention necessary at the south end of the former Wash Green catch points. The more major task was to see whether an improvement could be made to the downside rails at the south end of the Bournebrook Avenue straight that were visibly creating a "wrong side" cant. The track is now levelled there after a great deal of effort and has temporarily restored the ride through this area pending a full tamp in 2010.
Back at base the entrance to the Model Railway area has had a tarmac ramp installed by Shone Enterprise and the Ravenstor seat has been returned to good health. The monthly First Aid box inspection was completed with all restored to their full range of medications.
The Buffet Car was prepared and stocked for the weekend and the Booking Hall welcomed a few visitors. The second Day with a Driver booking for 2010 was taken, this one for September - a real case of forward planning.
Phil and Mick had a tour of the north taking in Doncaster, to collect fishplate bolts, and Worksop to source materials for the upcoming Duffield project.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Thursday 3rd September 2009

Dear all
Another dismal day where the rain dampened the spirits yet again - what a year! Against all odds progress was made today with further work on the Shottle North Junction installation including the appropriate labelling of the five levers indicating their interlocking.
11520 has been finally completed and will be returned to the Museum Siding together with the Shell-BP tank wagon. Flail repairs were also finally completed and on a proving run to Shottle a little work was achieved along the Bournebrook Avenue straight and the hedge trimmed either side of Ken Rowland's crossing. VCT claimed further success with two fires and four trees felled. Opportunity was taken also to commence restoration of the handrails on bridge DJW 5 that is located some 200 yards north of Hazelwood.
A new generator for the use of the IMT was delivered and commissioned. The rather mutilated cable on the Permanent Way Team's drill was repaired with a plea that should its condition deteriorate again it be reported so that action can be taken to renew.
The Wirksworth - Ravenstor weekday service ran for the last time this year with a few hardy passengers. The Buffet, Model Railway and Booking Hall tended to their very need as they huddled for warmth.
Behind the scenes the planning for major works at Duffield crystallised the order of batting and the materials that need to be sourced and when. The objective is that between late September and mid November this project, the largest we have yet undertaken, will see all trackwork in place for the runround loop and a headshunt into the tunnel. The materials include some 550 concrete sleepers, 30 new rails and around 1000 tonnes of ballast but the end product will be a delight to behold!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Wed 2nd Sept

evenin' all,

Today started dry enough but heavy rain set in this afternoon.

We welcomed a new customer for testing who worked mainly in the Yard
and on the Incline. They also took shots for their new brochure and
other publicity material.

The Per way team worked at Shottle, with some alteration to the
sleepers under the Trap point of the Loop, they also collected and
stacked old slepers before returning to Wirksworth with some more logs
to keep the logging dept happy.

In the Car park some redundant scrap was cut up ready for disposal,
and the DRE S&T dept. created some more rollers for the Shottle North

The Incline service operated and was kept fairl busy, as a result, the
Buffet Car hjad a steady trickle of visitors

A lot of ordering and sourcing of materials for Duffield was also
carried out

Tomorrow's Per way team are meeting at Wirksworth.


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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Tues 1st Sept

Evenin all,

A day of clearing away after the busy weekend.

As usual recently, the delivery of ballast was causing problems to the
local quarries, with the load ordered for 0800, the first two loads
were delivered between 0930 and 1000, but a call to the weighbridge
after lunch confirmed the worst fears, and they had forgotten us. The
final load arrived at nearly 1500. This meant that no Ravenstor service
was able to run.

The DST were busy in the maintenance area and were cleaning and
checking various boiler fittings now that the boiler will be back with
us shortly. They also managed to paint the cab, chimney, and fit wheel
wedges and the brake covers.

The VCT were again down south and had two good fires and started
collecting scrap material uncovered during their work. The Flail
arrived back at Wirksworth for more attention and routine servicing.

The Per way team respaced some concrete sleepers on the CWR section
which were moved during the welding of the rails. They then joined up
with the S&T team at Shottle, who had been fitting the FPL for the
Loop. Together they started changing a few crossing timbers on th trap
point to the Loop.

The Booking Hall was open, as was the Buffet Car, several visitors
came for a look around.

Tomorrow sees the Per way team at Shottle.


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