Monday, 31 August 2009

Progress Sunday 31st August 2009

Dear all,

Quite a jolly day really, no weather issues and sufficient visitors to
keep us busy all day, equivalent to Saturday. The day with a driver
guest and his family expressed themselves deeply satisfied. All parts of
our empire were fully operational, the Idridgehay service, the Ravenstor
service and the narrow gauge; the booking hall, buffet, bookshop, model
railway and Auntie Wainrights Emporium of Curious Knick-Knacks. The
buffet car sold out of sandwiches and teacakes and a run was had on
bacon rolls and the Victoria sandwich cake, partly due to Mr Tarry
manfully waving a piece of it around every time a train came in.

The DMUs continued to receive various maintenance and a replacement
water pump was obtained for one of them. A single cadet succeeded in
achieving what 10 pressed men hadn't which was the scraping and priming
of 3/4 of an entire dogfish using the best part of B&Q's brush supply, a
long handled roller and, in the absence of a paint tray, the usual
alternative found in all good households: a wheelbarrow. Said dogfish
will be fairly obvious for a few days as the primer was Regional
Railways Light Blue, but the two grey topcoats it will receive in due
course will render it back to its conventional self.

Many thanks to everyone concerned for your efforts this weekend, in
which we happily did at least as well as the corresponding weekend last

All the best,