Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Wed 27th May

Evenin' all,

After getting sunburn yesterday, we were like drowned rats today -
drowned track rats, of course.

The Flail was taken down to Shottle at first lightish, and some
trimming was carried out at Barnsley Lane foot crossing as well as some
other spots. Upon arrival it had its large bucket fitted ready for the
S&T side to backfill the footings for Shottle north box, the frame
uprights were bolted into place. The Works train eventually arrived,
the first job was to drop a further 32 tons of 28mm packing stone, this
was followed by some serious Jacking 'n' packinf through Shottle
station as well as from Shottle South pointwork northwards just leaving
about a 30 yard gap to complete tomorrow. Everyone was very wet by

Back at Wirksworth, More work was carried out to the brakes of N03,
with Rod squeezing under some plastic sheeting to offer some protection
from the weather. The Diesel maintenance team have nearly completed the
rust and paint removal from Tommy, and repainting will soom commence.
Stuart carried out further servicing work on the Coles Crane, whilst
the Booking Hall staff had a restful day cleaning the Gatex after the
weekend, and had a handfull of visitors.

Tomorrow sees the works train leaving Wirksworth i.e LJ Breeze and a
brakevan as manrider, with a heavy train returning in the afternoon.
More snagging and packing at Shottle

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