Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Wed 20th May

Evenin' all,

A much smaller than expected turnout of Per way chaps continued
fettling and snagging the newly laid track. Some pf the screws going
into the hardwood crossing timbers, were fighting all the way. 14
baseplates need to be drilled and spiked tomorrow before stone is

Some survey and clearance work was crried out at Duffield to make it
ready for work there in three weeks time.

Harsco put a number of vehicles through final acceptance trials with
NR, all were successful,

This afternoon saw a Charter Train conveying some senior citizens down
to Idridgehay and back for tea 'n' pee. The trip was well recieved.

This morning we welcomed a senior HMRI, who toured the line down to
Duffield. He was most impressed with the work carried out since his
last visit. He was most impressed with the drainage work on the 'Racing
Straight' and was very pleased with th stndard of the track renewals
at Shottle. He was very complimentary. We sought his advice and
guidance regarding the S&T side at Shottle and at Duffield. Some
interesting developments were pointed out, especially the removal of
the need for a refuge under the platform. This will make life easier.

To keep you informed, we will be continuing with spot resleepering,
and need to be at Hazlewood by September, to be with a chance of
completing the renewals by this time next year. There then remains a
lot of work at Duffield with the laying of the Loop, a new mainline,
and the platform work.

The VCT need towork to the same timescale with clearance work
completed within 12 months, leaving time for boundary work, ditching

The Inspector will pay another visit in a few months time to check on

Tomorrow sees LJ departing Wirksworth after breakfast but conveying
the footing girders for Shottle North GF, as well as an 11' replacement
crossing timber, Once the track is finally completed 36 tons of 28mm
stone will be dropped, and the entire works train returned to

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