Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Tues19th May

Evenin' all,

Not so much May, more like April with heavy showers and bright

The Per way team were kept busy at Shottle fixing and fettling the
track laid last week. Another day should see all the tweeking sorted
out ready for some stone to be dropped on Thursday. It was reported
that there was a slight technical hitch inasmuch as someone else ws
fetching the milk and water for the tea.

The VCT continued clearance work south of Hazlewood, and reported only
one fire - but it was a big one. The team are taking the opportunity of
collecting scrap, and loose wire as they go.At close of play their
landrover was returned to the Shottle base.

Both teams were disturbed in their endevours by the convoy of vehicles
on test, these included two big 'lorries' as well as the smallest road
rail digger that I have seen This was its first time ever on track and
we had to do an awfull lot of tests on it On the CWR it reached speeds
of 17 mph! Full use was made of the RRAP and Siding at Duffield. These
vehicles were the first to traverse the new track at Shottle, and all
passed the platform test. This proves the good work carried out last

Back at base, the diesel team were busy on Tomm, getting more paint
and rust removed, whilst the Dream Steam Team were at the other end of
the shed restoring No 3.

Martin recieved some visitors and potential new revenue earing
streams, whilst Fred and Iris cleaned the Mess Room. The Booking hall
was open but quiet due to the weather.

Tomorrow sees the Per Way team at Shottle, again no loco as final
screwing and fixing takes place. The white landrover will be making a
full line tour in the morning.


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