Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Tues 26th May

Evenin' all,

Back to normal today in dry but windy conditions.

In the Shed, LJ Breeze had a service and a thorough check over. The
loco did some shunting in the yard to test her out before he,she or it
takes over the works train tomorrow.

The Dream Steam Team continued working on No 3 with work being
concentrated on the Brakes and rigging, with more cleaning and painting.
a start was made on hanging them as well, The LMS coach has been
sheeted to help keep the weather out as work continued.

At Shottle, the S&T dept fixed the base of the frame for Shottle North
frame, with much drilling and fixing. Meanwhile the Per Way team jacked
and packed the main line at Shottle, and have reach halfway along the

The VCT continued clearance work south of Hazlewood and again found
more useful scrap chucked down the banksides.

Tomorrow sees work at Shottle, the works train will be making a one
way journey there in the morning. with the stone.


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