Thursday, 7 May 2009

Thursday 7th May 2009

Dear all
A very interesting and quite eventful day with some lessons learnt. The PW team met at Shottle where the vast majority of the rails were lifted out of the section to be re-laid and a number of the sleepers, or what remains of them, were cleared out of the way ready for the minidigger to start work on Monday. The Komatsu was involved in lifting the rails but has a strange malfunction in its travel speed which would have resulted in a very long journey from Wirksworth to Shottle. To resolve this we used L J Breeze to tow it and the learning process involved which way round the machine should be towed and after initial experimentation the right way was found. Following the Breeze and Komatsu combination was the Road/Rail Dumper driven ably by the Reverend Patrick Lidgett.
The use of LJB was its first run of any distance and it performed faultlessly demonstrating it is a really useful addition to our fleet. On return to Wirksworth further work was done to improve its change of direction mechanism.
Servicing of the automatic watering system for this seasons hanging baskets was achieved and the previously blue Class 03 received its first coat of green paint. The interior of the cab has been repainted and checkerplate applied to the cab entrances. The new power supply installed for the DCS cabin move was connected to the Passenger Office and Training Room with the necessary checking and testing. The water supply was also installed and blanked off ready for the cabin move.
Harsco were engaged in testing on the Incline during the morning and will be back with us next week. The VCT were active south of Hazelwood and had a two fire day declaring satisfaction with their efforts. In the course of their work they found a catch pit near footpath F4 with damaged/rotten covering that will need some attention before too long.
The Booking Hall welcomed a number of visitors on this warm sunny day and the till occasionally whirred into use. 
A most pleasant and productive day.