Thursday, 28 May 2009

Thursday 28th May 2009

Dear all
At last, a warm sunny day to gladden the heart. It was good to see the station gardens being attended to at Wirksworth and progress was made with new signage to be applied to the Gorsey Bank line. For those of you involved in operations this means the STOP board will move south to its original position. A new sign "Passenger Trains Stop Here" denoting the limit of passenger operations before the specially canted track installed for testing purposes will be placed where the STOP board is presently located to create a more rational approach to vehicles on test.
To lift the spirits of the Permanent Way team a further 250 sleepers has been delivered to Wirksworth and loaded onto the Flatrol and Lowmac. This was not without incident as the delivery vehicle's timber grab had difficulties making the transfer process fairly lengthy. A lone volunteer needle gunned and wire brushed the upturned water tank from Ferrybridge No3 moving this project forward. Further preparation of Tommy was undertaken with the end to this phase being in sight.
The PWT completed the jacking and packing of the Shottle relay and cakes were laid on for Neil's last day with us. He certainly made quite a contribution to the PWT during his time as part of the team. Also at Shottle DRE completed the assembly of the Shottle South Ground Frame from its component parts. Lots more to do but very visible signs of progress.
The Komatsu 130 completed a pass from Hazelwood to Duffield but sustained an electrical fault on its return - the expert will return on Monday. The VCT continued their attack south of Hazelwood and had a splendid three fire day. They also managed the completion of the repainting of Mile Post 134 1/2 and these track side markers do really benefit from the treatment.
L J Breeze brought the works vehicles back from Shottle including the Sturgeon which is required for maintenance including new axle box pads.
A visit to Duffield illustrated the good work being achieved by Anton in lifting the area. The Ecclesbourne Valley Railway signs opposite the main line platforms and the neat, seeded area at the north end of the former down slow platform make a significant contribution to demonstrating our serious intentions there.
I visited Derby Magistrates Court to pay our fine in person thus closing this ridiculous matter down.
The Booking Hall welcomed a number of visitors brought out by the warm weather and fielded the usual phone calls.