Thursday, 21 May 2009

Thursday 21st May 2009

Dear all
A funny old day with sunshine and showers and the first for some time without any customer activity. This lull has given an opportunity to put L J Breeze through its paces with the transport of the Flatrol conveying a lone crossing timber required to complete Shottle South and two short girders that will be part of the base of Shottle North Ground Frame, The Permanent Way team completed securing all track through Shottle Station and, using LJB, dropped 32 tonnes of 28mm ballast through the section to provide for packing and lining. 16 tonnes of 40mm ballast was dropped north of "Willow Crossing" on the long welded section and then ploughed. LJB then returned with the all the vehicles, a load of around 200 tonnes, with no problem other than a fall of soot as carbon from the engine was cleansed that noticeably reduced the previously smoky exhaust.
The Komatsu 130 received the ministrations of an expert and had a thorough going over with the expert pronouncing that we had acquired very good machine. The repaired flail was refitted and tested with satisfactory results. We now have a very good contact with a thorough practical knowledge of this machine.
The VCT concentrated on the area between 134 1/4 and 134 1/2 mileposts and achieved two large fires. It should also be mentioned that they had previously dealt with the vegetation that had grown up alongside the former riding school at Hazelwood and the improvement is very noticeable.
My day had a new experience in representing the Company at Derby Magistrates Court and appearing before a District Judge following a summons from Derbyshire Dales District Council for breach of an enforcement notice to move the DCS cabin. I was able to state my case for mitigation illustrated by before and after photos together with the article in the Ecclesbourne Express. The lawyer acting for DDDC had, typically, no papers to refer to and the end result was a fine of £480 but costs were denied to DDDC. It has to be said again that absolutely no assistance with this problem has been received from Town and District Councillors who profess support for our project. The memory of this debacle will be long.
Meanwhile, the Booking Hall entertained a number of visitors who sadly seemed to have no funds.