Thursday, 14 May 2009

Thursday 14th May 2009

Dear all
Peace descended on the north of our empire with only two customers to worry about. Our Road/Rail customer unloaded his trailers of one tonne ballast bag weights and has kindly donated the contents to us for reuse on the Railway. Strangely enough this represents 60 tonnes of 40mm limestone ballast that we use in our Dash to Duffield - it's a funny old world. The customers machines and trailers left site this afternoon and thanks were expressed for the service we had delivered.
The Ballast Regulator ventured in the direction of Shottle and was allocated two areas to test the operators skills. The end product was not quite as exciting and neat as we had hoped and has not moved us forward terribly far. Nonetheless, we will be amply rewarded for providing the test facility. The Ballast Regulator returned to Wirksworth at lunchtime to act as a Restaurant Car for the gallant band of workers at Shottle and was probably another first in railway annals.
In the deep south the VCT initially tackled the area around Hazelwood Station bridge and moved on to Milepost 134 1/2 to continue their herculean efforts amongst the blackthorn with a remarkable three fire day. Hardware was discovered in the undergrowth yielding 15 rail chairs from relaying in the distant past.
At Wirksworth work continued on the boring out of the cylinders of Ferrybridge No3 which has been necessary as they were discovered to be more oval than round. Roy (73) and Les (77) declared themselves to be on the last lap of preparing the former 03084 for its new paintwork on the cab end.
The Booking Hall received some visitors and the usual quantity of irritating phone calls. More from my Shottle colleague to follow.