Friday, 15 May 2009

Shottle supplement - Day 5

Evenin' all,

They said that it couldn't be done, they said we could not do it
within the time. Sorry, but we have,
The final bits of track were laid in torrential rain, it was plated
up, alittle further light slewing here and thers, but at last the track
is complete and available - all right, at 5mph for light vehicles, but
the line is open. The levelling and packing will take place next week,
but thw whole main line between Shottle north and Shottle south has now
been relaid, the main line pointwork installed at the south end. The
spoil has been run out to form the trackbed of the passing loop (not to
be installed this year)

This has been a mamoth task this wek, and I wish to place on record my
thanks to all who have helped. Todays luncheon was supplied by Pat
Lidgett, and consisted of homemade soup and rolls. It was very welcome
to the drowned rats who filed into the Shottle Mess room. Some members
have been there each day of the week, two actually had annual leave
from work to spend out on track - now that is dedication.

Neil turned up for a team photo - I bet that i'm not on that one
either - I'm camera shy.

Next week, it is more back to normal.


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