Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Shottle supplement - day 3

Evenin' all,

Fewer than expected members on site today, partially due to activities
at the northern end of the line. Despite the reduced numbers, the
already installed track ws spiked at 1 in 4 sleepers. Two further
panels were laid.

The dig has been completed right through the job with hundreds of tons
of spoil transferred to the formation of the Loop, after lunch, the
digger moved to Shottle North and dug out the base for the frame, as
well as clearing out the Up Siding Cess, as far as the RRAP. Tomorrow
Barry will start levelling off the spoil and compacting it.

After lunch, the crossing timbers for Shottle south were laid out in
order, (this also required the help of the spiking team, as a 14'
Jarrah hardwood timber needs 8 men to lift it).! The Komatsu was again
able to do much of the lifting work The rail ends leading to the
southern end of the pointwork.were squared off as there was a quite
large overlap.

Around Mid afternoon, a curious site - Anton, resplebdent in his
catering togs, paid us a visit nd delivered some left overs from the
various visitors. Very nice, that was at the end of a hard day.
(Incidently Neil may have lost his role as 'shiny shoes'.

Tomorrow sees the setting out of the rails for Shottle South, and the
fitting of the closure rails, then it all needs screwing and nailing
down, but WE NEED BODIES. some of the team have done all three days now
and we need more helpThe track has to be operational for the passage of
light vehicles by the day after tomorrow.

Dont forget, when going directly to Shottle, please sign in t Peak
Oil, as well as signing in our Signing on sheet. For those travelling
on the 0900 ish from Wirksworth please also sign in at Shottle but not
at Peak Oil, we need to keep a record of hours worked.


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