Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Shottle supplement - day 2

Evenin' all,

Day 2 of the 5 day blockade at Shottle, saw the digger starting at
0800, followed very closely by members of our team. Today saw mainly
Per way staff, along with some members that we had not seen for a
while. Another superb turnout meant that a further 7 panels were relaid
today, this is in addition to the stripping out and 2 panels put in
yesterday. The panels are now back in through Shottle platform and
through the bridge. The pinning down team are about halfway along the
platform. A further 2 panels were dug ready fot tomorrow leaving only
another couple of panels and then the pointwork can start to go in.

Lunch was provided by Will, who kept us supplied with bacon butties.
Tom0rrows catering is a special chip run, order and money in first
thing - order form is in Shottle Mess Room.

After the relay through the platform, I put the laser onto the survey
points done before the old track was removed, most of the new layout is
within 2mm - not bad.

At close of play, one of our customers nipped down to Shottle and
borrowed a switch from our Komatsu to replace a defective switch on
their machine - ours is still operational though.

Lets hope for another good day tomorrow, as ther remains much to be
done, dont forget meet at Shottle from 0800 or travel in the two car
(Guards compartment) departing Wirksworth just after 0900.


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