Monday, 11 May 2009

Shottle Supplement Day 1

Evenin' all,

Whilst Martin is doing the main prog-rep tonight, I have decided to
report on day 1 of rapid transformation at Shottle.

As you know, and are possibly sick of me reminding you, this week we
are undertaking a full relay through Shottle station.

Day 1 saw all rails of the 13 panels stripped out and all sleepers out
by lunchtime. The digger was beavering away in 'the hole' . After lunch
new sleepers were added and 2 panels of rails put back, using the
Komatsu. By the close of play one panel had been fixed down.So this
morning we had a production line with one team taking out the rails,
behind was another team removing sleepers, then the digger team
removing spoil. In the afternoon, the digger was in the lead, followed
by the sleeper relay team, followed by the rerailing team, followed by
the drilling and fixing team. Absolutely marvellous!

After the appeal for help, we welcomed a new volunteer, one who had
been away for a couple of years, and another who made his first
appearance only a couple of weeks ago. We also welcomed members from
the Passenger Services Dept, the Vegetation Clearance Team, Loco
maintenace team as well as a good turn out from Per Way.

For the numerists amongst you, we are relaying 13 panels of track
which equates to 780' of track or to put it another way - 26 tons of
rail, 260 wooden sleepers to replace, 580 baseplates to remove and
relay, 1560 elastic spiked to extract and replace, 26 pairs of
fishplates etc etc. that is why we need your help - most of the team
are in their 60's, one was well into his 70's. Not bad! Dont forget it
all has to be back in, including the Shottle South point by close of
play on Friday.

Tomorrow sees more of the same, with an even bigger team. The works
train will leave Wirksworth at 0915 prompt, work on site starts at 0800
at Shottle

A brilliant start, in brilliant weather.


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