Monday, 18 May 2009

Saturday, Sunday & Monday 16th - 18th May 2009

Dear all
A few words about the weekend as technical difficulties seem to have stifled the Saturday and Sunday reports. Saturday was the day of the Company AGM and a small display of Hydra, the Komatsu 130 and the "de luxe" Landrover together with boring of No 3's cylinders was available at Platform 1. L J Breeze was also available for cab rides on the Incline prior to the start of the AGM.
We welcomed another "Day with a Driver" with his guests who enjoyed his time with us as did the Sunday "Day with a Driver" participant. These are selling extremely well and filling the diary through the year and are proving to be a growing source of income. Julie feeds them as part of the deal and deserves our thanks for this.
Sunday saw Ferrybridge No3 shunted to the north end of the "tram siding" and various other positioning moves utilising LJB as the shunt loco.
The AGM passed off without incident and Neil's annual presentation was received with acclamation as did Paul Rayner's video compressing the Shottle Working Week into 8 minutes. George Watson retired as a Director at the end of the meeting due to the ever increasing burdens of ill health. Members who were keeping the show on the road during the AGM had a special mention of thanks.
Today continued with dreadful weather but illustrated how we had moved on by the provision of covered accommodation to enable work to continue on our vehicles. Both Tommy and the Class 03 saw significant progress on their preparation to enter service.
Again, against all odds, the DCS cabin moved from Wash Green Dock to the Car Park and with the great help of one of our volunteers was re-energised at its new site with BT dealing with their Broadband connection and the water supply was satisfactorily hooked up.
We entertained a customer visit to the Wirksworth site and in the south the Craft team repaired the chicken wire on footpath F5 which is just north of Hazelwood station.
The Booking Hall welcomed a few hardy non spending visitors and dealt with the usual quota of phone calls.
PS - The Travis Folly renovation has been put back a couple of weeks to give breathing space to enable us to resleeper down to there before digging the crossing up which now seems a more logical way to attack this task.