Saturday, 30 May 2009

Progress Working Party Duffield 2

Dear all,

In suddenly astonishing hot weather, the following tasks were achieved
at Duffield:

A banner was hung on the down slow platform fence offering the lucky
people of Duffield the opportunity to buy shares in our delightful
railway. The Marketing Dept is possibly no longer wondering where the
Dash to Duffield banner went
The Chapel Street poster case was painted
The main line planters were watered
A third (and long stored) main line running-in board was hung at the
south end of the down slow platform
The last spoil was removed from the down slow platform and used for the
final fill and landscaping of the signal box hole
Further spoil was scraped from assorted piles and used to fill an empty
hole which Carline's Drains and Catch Pits Ltd had previously discovered
near the former signal box hole.

This completes the routine maintenance and holding work at Duffield in
the absence of the Station Supervisor, who is due to return next week.
Some pictures of the Duffield work will shortly be transmitted to his
honour the EVRA webmaster.

Due to the severe financial stress which today's afternoon tea has
placed on the P-way Dept Surgical Support and other Special Lingerie
account (no pictures please), Duffield Station Office has been re-issued
with a small Calor stove, a kettle and the makings for light refreshments.

All the best,