Sunday, 31 May 2009

Progress Sunday 31st May 2009

Dear all,

A gloriousy hot and sunny day for a Sunday saw many vistors visiting the railway through the booking hall, and in the book shop.With many having refesments in the Buffet Car with Julie rushed of her feet, having also a "Drive a Diesel Day"and the "Day with the Driver"with 14 guests to provide lunch for which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

New bulbs have been fitted in the museum coach, in the childrens playground the tables had some TLC.

The "Drive a Diesel Day" guest was able to learn about the Class 20 and had a go in driving this engine, also the guest "Day with the Driver had the opportunity to spend the day in prepartion and look how the "Bubble Car" is driven up the incline to Ravenstor.Many thanks to the crew who attended in regard to the Class20 and enabled this to run smoothly.

Conscipts continued painting the gates in the yard etc.

Down in the yard the team continued work on the Class 119 taking advantage of the warm weather in regarding painting outside.In the shed a stalwart continued with the 117 roof painting.

Many thanks to all

John Ball / Duty Manager.