Sunday, 24 May 2009

Progress Sunday 24 May 2009

Dear all,

A wonderfully warm and sunny day, which brought out a spate of
managerial hats, in the initial absence of sun cream to apply to, er,
various bald parts. Work was undertaken on the brakes and strange pins
of Ferrybridge No 3 and the conscripts carried on with painting our
choice selection of gates. A gentleman from Swansea attended for his day
with a driver.

In many respects the passenger traffic was most interesting in so far as
we did better today than yesterday, and this is unusual because
Saturdays are often busier than Sundays. It was also curious that the
day was busier than the corresponding Bank Holiday Sunday last year,
indeed a number of people were waiting on the sneck at opening time and
the Extra Ladies were very nearly taken by surprise.

All the best,
Mike Evans via Anton