Sunday, 10 May 2009

Progress Sunday 10th May

Dear all,

A pleasant day of varied activity surrounding the 50th birthday of our
Railcars. Modest passenger numbers were entertained to the various
units, including the presence of the "in progress" W51073 in platform 1
for viewing, which many people found interesting and which received the
most attention to window cleaning it has probably had in the last 50
years. A gathering took place in the buffet car at 1.45 for the birthday
speech and cake cutting and the units were duly toasted and wished Happy
Birthday by the public with best sparkling wine and by the staff with
best Del Monte fruit juice. A group photo opportunity was then had with
the Railcars displaying the headboards "The Idridgehay Limited" and
"Happy Day Express".

We were also visited by the leader of a party who attended last week to
compliment us on our work then, and to make a donation which was
gratefully received. A meeting was held to discuss further improvements
to road signage and we look forward to this being productive in due course.

A raft of other work took place around the railway which included
further preparatory work on the ground frame for Shottle North Junction;
the main bearing lubrication system was addressed on Ferrybridge No 3;
The north yard footgate painting was completed, the middle yard gate was
progressed and the Wash Green Gate was prepared; Gardening took place on
the embankment opposite the Booking Hall; Fence woodstaining took place
on the platform 1 south end ramp; The Buffet car's new tables were
assembled and brought into use. A day with a driver took place most
successfully. The Marketing Dept kindly recovered some two-wheeled scrap
metal which had been fecklessly left at the Hannages footcrossing, but
found that although it could be ridden, it couldn't be stopped.

All the best,