Saturday, 9 May 2009

Progress Saturday 9th May

Dear all,

Quite a pleasant sunny day where a reasonable amount of passenger
business was done on the Idridgehay line. The Passenger Dept was,
however, largely heads down in the stocktake and have counted everything
which could be counted and dusted many things that couldn't. Some
gardening has taken place on the platform 1 border with vast bags of
weedery being transported to the wheelie bin. The platform 1 north end
fence has received a coat of best quality wood preservative. In addition
much strimming has taken place around our various embankments. In the
engineerium, Lyne Enterprises was engaged in the further investigation
of the electrical starting mechanism for Hydra. In preparation for
tomorrow's event, signs have been put up "I am 50" "Vehicle under
restoration" "Hangover in progress" and our selection of choice 50 year
old railcars have been cleaned, polished, vacuumed, and fluffed up to a
level of perfection hardly to be credited.

See you all tomorrow,
Mike Evans via Anton.