Monday, 25 May 2009

Progress Report Bank Holiday Monday 25/5/09

Dear all,

By some small miracle, the weather held all day until about 5.30 when,
eventually, the heavens opened. The yard was weedkilled and Ferrybridge
No3 received further work on its brake parts. At Duffield the planters
and floral displays were attended to. At Ravenstor some weeding of
invasive growth in and around the trackside took place.

In terms of passenger traffic we again had a better day than yesterday
and received much positive feedback about the railway, about our
progress and about the loveliness of the Ecclesbourne Valley in general.
Today was the main day of Wirksworth Carnival and a jolly time was had
in the sunshine by many visitors to the railway and the town.

I am most grateful to everyone who has helped during this weekend, which
has been a satisfying success and a tribute to all concerned.

Sudden sickness has apparently overtaken the Booking Hall clerk
tomorrow, if anyone is available to cover do let me know on 07881 710337.

All the best,