Friday, 22 May 2009

Friday 22nd May 2009

Dear all
At last we have been able to achieve a whole line weed treatment process giving particular problem areas a treble dose. The weather was not ideal with intermittent showers but there should be some positive results.
Back at base there was continued activity with Tommy and the former 03084 and we now seem very close to sourcing the necessary electric starter motors for our two Thomas Hill locomotives. There was much activity on the dmu front as they were prepared for the Bank Holiday weekend and we are also indebted to the dmu team for another extremely generous donation of fuel.
Dales Rail Engineering seemed to have cleared the shelves of Twiggs of Matlock with a variety of items that will assist the new ground frame at Shottle North and provide the Permanent Way Team with extra resources to increase their productivity - more drill bits.
At the far north of our site sleepers were replaced on the Cemetery Lane headshunt and, I am guessing by the forensic evidence, that there was much oiling of slide chairs.
Preparations were made for the weekend in the Buffet Car and the Booking Hall did what it does well. During the weed treatment process Phil and I were greeted at Duffield by Anton who refreshed us for the return journey.