Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Wed 8th April

Evenin' all,

Another frantically busy day,with the Class 20 going to Shottle
delivering manpower to site, and then returning to collect a delivery
of stone. The Per way team collected used sleepers from around Shottle
North Junct and stacking them nearby. Some of the stone that was
dropped yesterday was fettled and the sleepers 'boxed in'. Another 40
tons were dropped on the CWR section north from Willow Crossing. A lot
more is required where we are light - hopefully we will not need to
move this too much by hand as a machine is planned to regulate it as
well as brush it.This is part of its crew training!

In the yard, a massive shunt involving half the stock meant that the
Dream Steam Team now have all of their bits and pieces, including the
next loco to be tackled, all in one place, on the old 'Tram Siding'.
The DRE (S&T) side sprang into action like a coiled spring and a lot of
material for various Ground Frames was delivered to the Weighbridge
workshop, where this pile of bits and pieces will emerge as bright
shining new control panel for Shottle.

A potential new guest was shown the site, and went away fairly
pleased. Two existing customers were also in full swing, to such an
extent, that any signaller at Wirksworth would have been in a right
spin. We became a new customer for another new business where a chap
has set up a business carrying out mobile repairs to Hydraulic pipes. A
new hose was created for the Komatsu - these things happen. As part of
our policy we always source assistance locally, where possible.

More painting and site tidying ready for the new season which starts
in two days time. The Booking Hall staff were also kept busy by
numerous phone enquiries (some of which were connected with passenger
enquiries).Numerous visitors came and saw and went.

The MTT side was also kept busy juggling spaces - we are potentially
fully occupied for a couple of weeks, this will provide loads more

There are still vacancies for the big push at Shottle from 11th to
15th May, we need many more bodies to relay 11 panels of track in one
week, right through Shottle Station - dont be shy, get involved now!

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