Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Wed 22nd April

Evenin' all,

On arrival this morning a strange sight greeted one. A maroon coach
was in the car park on a low loader. This coach will become one to form
the first train to Duffield next year. It is true that you need a lot
of imagination to see it in its finished state, but it is in a state at
the moment. It will remain here for a short time so that some initial
work can be carried out, it will then leave site for external body work
before returning for a final fix. The low loader took away a red
industrial loco which is going to Oswestry. The Towing loco was an 03
driven by the 70's duo with Will as Shunter.

In the car park, most of the 60 tons of ballast was shovelled into
bags ready for a customer for the next two weeks. That job will be
completed tomorrow.

The Per Way team collected more of the recently changed rotten
sleepers from Shottle, including sleepers laid at various places in the
4' of the relay site. They also managed to slue to main line so it is
now looking lovely and awaits the tamper in due course. The team also
collected logs from various locations for transporting back to the
logging dept.

Both Harsco as well as Sperry rail were on site testing, Harsco
bringing in half a dozen vehicles for final brake tests under load,
they were most satisfied.

The Booking Hall was open and several people including families paid a
visit. The garden opposite the Booking Hall was also having attention.

Generally , a busy day in brilliant warm sunshine.


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