Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Wed 1st April

Evenin' all,

At 7.30 this morning two chaps paid us a visit, they had dropped
someone off at Birmingham airport and thought hey would call in for
breakfast..'what time do you start doing breakfast?'..

A machine in for teasting by a new customer who had the full
treatment. This meant that the Per way team, who had gone by class 20
to Shottle, had to drop men and tools off before setting back into the
north end of Shottle loop (another first). The team managed to grease
up 5 pairs of fishplates and change 21 sleepers, a healthy score baring
in mind the disruptions.

Back at base. The felt roof was fitted to the Model Railway unit and
more paint was applied. Rod and Mary continued fitting out and testing
the Narrow Gauge train ready for the Grand Opening at Easter. Hydra
continues to get attention to the paintwork, and is now looking quite
respectable. The Komatsu had its final logo attached and had a bit of a
rub down. Some gardening took place and the shop was open and had
several visitors.

More sleeper changing tomorrow and another new customer working on the

Phil - What's your view on the Government's proposal to monitor your Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and Twiiter communication?