Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Wed 15th April

Evenin' all,

Today was a day full of ups and downs.

We welcomed a party from Kimberley and its twin french town, it was a
chance to brush up on ones french. As you know french is the second
language of the per way team (une assiette de poisson [ a fishplate ],
Le pan jus [ grease bucket ] , le spanoir grande [ big spanner ] etc
etc.However the guests went on a train ride to Ravenstor and were not
seen again! Oo La-la, mon brave, et mon canard [me duck]. They went off
on a ramble and ended up at a local hostelery. The last time they came,
we gave them a walk around the recently cleared yard, and showed them
where we intended to create a railway to Ravenstor.

The Per way team worked at Shottle, jaque ing et paque ing le track
panels that were recentlyrelaid. They made a good job apart from not
having enough members to give the concrete section a shove in the right

In the shed, Roy and Les aided and abbetted by Will got down to
depainting No. 8 At close of play Hydra was again toed out of the shed
ready for more brake work tomorrow

A steady stream of visitors called into the shop, whilst the S&T side
continued playing with the groundframe, inserting odd bits of

Meanwhile, in bonnie Scotland, at just after 0400, two bonnie wee lads
set off for Wirksworth, arriving about 5 hours later for a vehicle
test. Their vehicle however, coming from other parts of the country did
not arrive until 1330. This Unimog then proceeded to try to haul 240
tons of train up the incline, then that dropped to 200 tons, followed
by 160 tons , having failed to get to Cemetery Lane bridge, we started
again with 100 tons and eventually managed to haul 120 tons up to
Ravenstor - much to the surprise of some locals - seeing a small lorry
towing the class 20 as well as the LMS brake and the Shark. Yes, life
certainly had its ups and downs! When ready to depart for its 1530 test
to Duffield, I naturally rang the per way team to inform them of our
departure, but found that they had all gone home - it being after 1700.
Eventually testing ceased at 1900 when the two wee laddies faced a long
drive back uo north. It should be added that we discovered one chap and
dog jogging along the track in the evening sunshine - he didnt know the
line was being used, he thought it was an abandoned line! What a Noilly

A bientot!

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