Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Tuesday 7th April 2009

Dear all
Well, what a day! It commenced with orchestrated departures from Wirksworth with the Komatsu 130 being first away to recess at Shottle awaiting the VCT's Landrover en route to their present clearance area north of Hazelwood to be followed at a respectful distance by the Works Train delivering a rather small team to the sleeper changing area. The Works Train loco then returned to Wirksworth to collect loaded Dogfish and the Shark to transport them to Shottle so that the track panels that have been re-laid between the foot crossing and Shottle sidings could be ballasted up and ploughed. The empties were then returned to the Wash Green dock for loading tomorrow morning after which the loco again returned to Shottle to gather the PW team.
The Komatsu was berthed at Shottle after successful flailing between the footpath south of Shottle and Travis Folly - progress was foiled by a burst hydraulic hose which I am assured is a fairly regular event. The VCT made further inroads to their area around the erosion sites and had a three fire day. The PW team which only consisted of three people achieved a commendable 10 sleepers changed.
Back at base we had short visits by Sperry Rail and Harsco and Roy (73) and Les (78) neared the end of the Hydra repainting project. Newly refurbished Drivers seats were fitted to Hydra with many thanks for Dorothy's efforts - very comfortable they look too. Painting and staining also featured around the station with the fencing, staff toilet and former Stafford Station bench all being tended to. First Aid boxes were checked and refilled as necessary and miscellaneous electrical supply components assembled for the upcoming relocation of the DCS cabin.
The steam team were out in force again with one connecting rod receiving paint, the water tank having rust removed and more paint applied, axle box bearings were bedded in and funnel bolts freed off. The chassis of the other loco for restoration (No 2216) was oiled up in preparation for its move to a new location tomorrow. I am also advised that Bob Gibbens is having a haircut tomorrow which I understand to be a noteworthy event.
In the Booking Hall the annual preparations to mail out the annual accounts were underway. Not the most exciting job but essential to the wellbeing of the Company.
Tomorrow promises to be an equally exhausting but pleasurable day.