Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Tuesday 21st April 2009

Dear all
Phil has had to depart to give a talk to the Peak Rail Association at Chesterfield so you have got me again. We celebrate another day of much activity which featured two vehicles on test from the Netherlands to prepare them for service on Network Rail. One of the vehicles was limited to around 3 miles an hour in reverse which made the return from Duffield a lengthy affair and impacted on the Works Train which was recessed at Shottle during the progress of the tests between Shottle and Duffield.
Nonetheless, the PW team managed to gather some 80 scrap sleepers from the Shottle loop area and stack them south of Shottle where they can rot in peace. The VCT joined the Works Train today as a mysterious red button had disabled the Landrover, another learning experience, and created one large fire, completed fence repairs north of Shottle and applied a first coat to re-emphasise the position of the raised check rail.
Roy (73) and Les (78) managed to source steelwork that will form replacement door runners for Hydra and Will continued on his task of preparing the second Thomas Hill locomotive, the be called "Tommy", for repainting.
L47 departed at midday for Ruislip and Sperry Rail attended to do routine maintenance on SRS242 which has been residing with us for some time.
DRE continued to perfect the locking on the Shottle North Ground Frame including the modifications necessary to the Annetts lock. Some 60 tonnes of limestone was delivered to the Car Park which will be put into 1 tonne bags over the next two days to provide weights for a customer that will be with us for two weeks starting next Monday.
The Dream Steam Team  conducted the final preparations for next week's lift of the frames of No 3 onto its wheels. Spares were released to the Foxfield Railway from our donor Ruston prior to its departure from site. Mr and Mrs Craft tackled the task of strimming around the station area with some competition as to who achieved the best finish. The Logging Dept. were in production and undertook some trailer repairs.
The Booking Hall received a few customers and fielded the usual phone calls.
Another very productive day.