Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Tues 28th April

Evenin' all,

A large number of people on site with much to be pleased about.

The DST got the frames of No 3 back onto its wheels, after several
attempts. The rolling chassis was shunted into the shed, they also
managed (with the help of a crane) to rotate the boiler of the next
steam engine, and rotate the tanks for No3, ready for cleaning and
painting. A day of real achievment, seeing big chunks being put back

The Diesel group managed to rectify the fault on the clutch of LJ
Breeze, so that it readily goes backwards as well as forewards, not to
be outdone, Hydra now supports its/her nameplates. More success.

The Per way team (smaller than normal, achieved more success by
dropping and ploughing 40mm ballast on relaid track at Shottle, as well
as unloading material for the upcoming relay.

The VCT were active opposite Shottle platform as well as carrying out
some repairs to the stile at Willow Crossing.

In the Yard our visitor managed to load the bags of stone onto
trailers with their new machine, two members from the new purchasers
also attended and were also told about our own potential. The big test
of that machine takes place tomorrow and indeed for the rest of this
week as well as next!

Another client called in to have a quick test of another vehicle,
which worked well.

A start was made on work on the LMS coach
The Booking Hall had a few casual visitors, and the Mess room was
given its deep clean.

Tomorrow sees work at Shottle but with the test vehicle running
through the worksite.

Not a bad days work despite the odd downpour.


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