Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Tues 14th April

Evenin' all,

After the activities of the Easter weekend, which was up on last year,
it was back to normal today.

Hydra was pulled out of the shed, and its brake blocks were removed.
The wheels of No.3 were rolled out of the shed, and three of the
bearings were fitted. so the construction continues. A start was made
on stripping the paint on No 8 the next Thomas Ward loco.

The Flail continued working south from Shottle, and is now working
just north of Hazlewood, widening the clearance. The VCT were at
Shottle North clearing material and a large fire was achieved.

The Per way team, unloaded sleepers ready for the Shottle relay, as
well as Boxing in the ballast as well as stoning up around Shottle

The DRE (S&T) continued work on the 5 lever frame for Shottle North,
and the interlocking on the frame.

One of our regular visitors were in attendance and had a good day
evaluating equipment in the yard.

Tomorrow, there is no Works Train, from Wirksworth. The main task is
at Shottle where 4 relaid panels will be levelled and packed. Please
travel by road.


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