Thursday, 30 April 2009

Thursday 30th April 2009

Dear all
Another busy, but satisfying, day for Phil attending to the demands and wishes of our customer. The customer had many visitors from a range of Network Rail contractors who were entertained to good effect in the First Open where the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the pleasant environment was greatly appreciated. Our facilities were new to a number of these guests and the opportunity to present our product was not lost.
In the Car Park the 60 one tonne weight bags were unloaded for reuse in two week's time and at the end of the day the machine and its three trailers were loaded up for despatch. Our team worked at restoring the Car Park to good order for the upcoming Bank Holiday weekend. Contractors constructed a trench for a pipe to be laid to enable services to be installed across the entrance to the Car Park. This will facilitate the move of the DCS cabin from Wash Green dock to an area adjacent to the Passenger Office. Not an ideal solution but one that will protect our income at a cost to us of some £1200.
The Works Train was recovered from Shottle presenting a fine site as probably our longest engineers train. The PW team then turned their attention to the single slip in Wirksworth Yard which showed signs of being wide to gauge as trains passed over it. Two tie bars have been fixed as temporary repairs pending resleepering.
The VCT returned to base exhibiting signs of exhaustion after an immensely successful day clearing all vegetation from the Shottle loop track bed. They had to transport the brash away from the area opposite the fuel tanks before they could burn it which added to the amount of work achieved.
DRE turned his attention away from the Ground Frame construction to repairs and strengthening of the flail head. Judging from the steel plate being used the end product should be indestructible - I think.
Much activity also as the Finance Manager brought our accounts up to date and undertook a little till training for Albert who has dealt with a range of visitors and calls in the Booking Hall.
Another amazingly productive day given the most unpleasant weather dealt to us.