Thursday, 2 April 2009

Thursday 2nd April 2009

Dear all
Quite a mixed day today with the star turn being the VCT who achieved a new record with a splendid FIVE fires to dispose of the brash on their working area north of Hazelwood - amazing! The PW team had quite a frustrating day as the Class 20 misbehaved en route to the work site resulting in distant advice to "hit it with a hammer". This was successful and progress resumed but after eight sleepers were changed to team had to return to Wirksworth to conduct emergency repairs to the Pit Road point. It was good to see Pat Cooney returning to the PW team after a period of absence due to "falling off his horse" - he received a back to work interview and not much counselling.
We welcomed a customer for trials on the Incline and brake tests within the Yard. DRE completed the installation of a second Annetts Lock on the Wash Green Ground Frame and the new Gorsey Bank train staff was commissioned. (For those of you who are signalling experts - does any other heritage railway have a ground frame fitted with co-acting Annetts locks?)
Painting was the order of the day at Wirksworth with the Model Railway container being undercoated and the Cromford & High Peak Railway water carrier receiving attention to the top of the tank.
The Booking Hall had a staff of three today with displays being organised, the area around the garage tidied up and many visitors attending the station. At the end of the day there seemed to be a discussion about the number of Mars bars sold so some money must have gone in the till.
Onwards and upwards