Thursday, 23 April 2009

Thursday 23rd April 2008

Dear all
Again I can report on action being taken on many fronts. Within the Maintenance Facility parts useful to the Foxfield Railway were stripped off the donor Ruston and door runners and doors fitted to Hydra. Further snagging on Hydra resulted in a more positive direction change leading to more testing on the Incline. A new air hose line was purchased to ensure both Hydra and Tommy can be charged where ever they are in the Maintenance complex.
Customers on test included Sperry Rail and Harsco involving the intensive use of the Gorsey Bank line. The bagging of 60 one tonne weights was concluded enabling the mini digger to spend some time lifting and sorting items amongst the pw/signalling stores area. The Logging Department were in production with a fresh load unloaded into their working area from the Works Train this morning.
The VCT and PWT spend time at Shottle, the VCT continuing their attack on the area opposite the station platform. The PWT aided by the Komatsu moved all the rails needed for the creating of Shottle South junction and the crossing timbers needed for this installation were discharged from the Sturgeon to site. The Komatsu returned to Wirksworth for repairs to the flail head as the hard work this machine is now undertaking has revealed certain weaknesses that will be corrected by DRE.
Vehicles were marshalled at Wirksworth to receive tomorrow's delivery of sleepers and chairs so that we have all the materials on site for the Shottle Working Week. The final welds for the Idridgehay to Shottle section are being dropped by the night shift with work planned to start at 0400 tomorrow morning!
Further progress was achieved on the Shottle North Ground Frame locking and I have visited Bombardier to sign the documents that handed over L J Breeze as a donation to the Railway. The Locomotive is expected at Wirksworth anytime now for unloading in the morning.
Another eventful day.