Saturday, 4 April 2009

Progress 4.4.2009

Dear All,
It has been a warm and sunny day at Wirksworth today.
The main job of the day was an extreme mammoth shunt to reposition stock into the correct places in the yard.  This has now seen Thomas Hill no 8 placed inside the shed ready for painting.
Else where in the shed Roy and Less continued painting Hydra, which included work on the cab doors.
In other parts of our nine mile empire Carline Enterprises delivered stores to Duffield, and fettled several drains on the way back. They even found time to move some more brash at 49 steps.
Over lunch the staff commented how good the new microwave was at heating Macaroni and Cheese.
Today has also seen a Magistrate of Young Offenders on site and they helped with several tasks.  Some assisted Carline Enterprises, while back at HQ the others moved some Costly Railway Aggregate Piles.
The Booking Hall and EVRA shop also saw some visitors.
John Stokes on behalf of Mike Evans