Sunday, 26 April 2009

Progress 26.4.2009

Dear all,
The lovely weather brought a number of visitors to the station with the booking hall, buffet car and bookshop all open. The trains today were operation to Ravenstore.
In the Weighbridge area DRE achieved further work on the Shottle ground frame. In the container next to the Weighbridge the EVRA Company Secretary continued working on the model railway.
The Passenger Services Manager had a moment with the paint brush and painted the tatty end of the training room.   He also erected some new signage on platforms 2 and 3.
Furth painting by other volunteers was carried out on the fence along the road leading into the yard.  
Meanwhile in the yard the Dream Steam Team continued work on their locos. The DMU chaps rearranged the units ready for the bank holiday services next weekend. They then went on a test run to Idridgehay and even found time to trim back some of the overgrowing foliage on the way down. Also in the yard a single member of the class 119 Appreciation Society cleared some more rust from the inside of that vehicle.
Further gardening work took place on the embankment in the car park.
It was good to see everyone enjoying the warm weather.
Many thanks to all.
John Ball Via John Stokes