Monday, 20 April 2009

Monday 20th April 2009

Dear all
Another day of brisk activity with the Class 20 fired up to shunt Kimberly and Claire on to low loaders to speed their despatch to Oswestry. On conclusion of this exercise the mysteries of the process of topping up the coolant were solved making the loco ready for service tomorrow. Battery Locomotive L47 concluded its testing on the TBTC track and will be leaving us tomorrow.
Harsco were active on the Incline and door runners were sourced for Hydra. The Model Railway container had more top coat applied and is beginning to look in keeping with the rest of the buildings at Wirksworth. Two members of the VCT were on overtime to prepare the replacement accommodation crossing gate post and the Shottle station area received a further dose of weed killer.
Flailing took place south of Hazelwood with milepost 134 1/4 being reached - only just over a mile from our terminus at Duffield - very impressive!
The Booking Hall remained calm and it was pleasing to see our Trans Plant driver making a video purchase.
All in all a pleasant day to start this most busy of weeks.