Friday, 24 April 2009

Friday 24th April 2009

Dear all
The day started with the final touch down of L J Breeze on to EVR metals. This was somewhat of a miracle given the state of the haulier's equipment and the "on site" fork lift running out of gas. However, the donor Ruston was reloaded for onward transport to the great locomotive depot in the sky. LJ was berthed outside the former weighbridge and the batteries charged. After a while there was sufficient charge to start the locomotive so that an initial assessment could be made. The results so far are most encouraging apart from a reluctance to change direction! This problem will be cured and seems to be the product of non use for some time. The locomotive would seem to be a fine addition to our fleet.
A small deputation from the County's yellow line department appeared and announced they would keep an eye on the situation. I'll refrain from further comment.
As LJ was being discharged a pre-arranged delivery of sleepers and chairs arrived to ensure all materials are on hand for the Shottle relaying week causing minor congestion in the Car Park. Unfortunately during the sleeper unloading process Hylton's thumb became compressed resulting in first aid being given on site and a short visit to hospital. He manfully returned to duty with a fetching white sling and will be partaking of the necessary anaesthetic tonight.
Special mention promised for Chris Ralls and John Silvester who applied easing oil to the fishplates through Shottle station together with some of the difficult elastic spikes as advance preparation for the working week. They also witnessed the departure of the welding team which must mean all welds are now complete between Idridgehay and Shottle - another milestone.
More top coat was applied to the Model Railway container which now blends in with our other site structures.
Hydra had further progress with some niggling air leaks and was put through its paces again on the Incline and then on Gorsey Bank. A rare moment of playtime then occurred as we all experienced a loco drive including Julie Ball who thoroughly enjoyed her time and now has one up on John who missed the opportunity.
The Booking Hall welcomed visitors including two people that used to be on the test dmu trains, one of whom will be joining us as a volunteer and the other, who has a little far to travel, is a driver on the Puffing Billy Railway in Australia having moved out there some forty years ago.