Friday, 17 April 2009

Friday 17th April 2009

Dear all
Well, our assets have been well and truly sweated today!
The IMT set of to patrol the Shottle to Duffield section enabling Sperry Rail to use the Wirksworth to Idridgehay section. The RAIB held a training day involving exercises at Gorsey Bank, Wash Green crossover and on the Incline. Our first Drive a Diesel Day saw D8001 in service with journeys in the Yard, up the Incline forming part of the RAIB exercise and travelling to Shottle and back after Sperry Rail had finished their test work. In amongst all this was the arrival of Battery Locomotive L47 which was immediately pressed into service to assist RAIB with their Wash Green exercise.
Julie Ball was geared up to provide lunches for the RAIB team and the Drive a Diesel Day participant and guest. Hats off to all who made the day work and all visitors were fulsome in their praise for the service delivered.
In the Maintenance Facility their was further progress with the second Thomas Hill locomotive and the water tank of Ferrybridge No3.
A very satisfactory and profitable day.